Writing about yourself is quite possibly the best thing ever: you never seem to run out of things to say because you’re the best expert in the subject, with absolutely no shortage of firsthand experience! The question is, does it get better as you grow older?  During my elementary and middle school years I hated writing about my opinions and beliefs simply because I lacked enough experience to come up with anything interesting.  I love it now, but in the future is it going to get even more enjoyable because I’ll have an even larger wealth of knowledge to convey, or is it going to get boring thinking about the same things over and over again?  Knowing me, I think the former will apply, and if not I’ll find a way to make it apply.

I just finished filling out a questionnaire for my house (I’ll be living in Okada) and now I’ve got to mail it to my Resident Fellow (the “intellectual leader” of the place, different than an RA).  It was fun, I think I painted a good (albeit very small) picture of myself…and of course, I learned a bit in the process.

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  1. Mame

    haha, i also hope that when i get old i won’t be say the same things to my friends over and over again. Yet, when that happens, I think everyone will be so old that they won’t remember what i said~ I hope you will have a good time in the dorms! Finally away from home, eh? Well, I am having a great time here. However, it is quite inconvenient though… =____= all the stores are on the other side of campus. I have been walking A LOT. All, my classes are also spread out…meh, yay! exercise!

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