yes, yes, yes.  A lot of things in life are sad….downright depressing.  But the majority of -those- things are pretty funny, taken in the right context.  And even if that weren’t true, there’s those few things in life that are so cool.
aye…but i think i’ve already covered that before, now haven’t I?

i’ve succumbed to a small slice of laziness over the last week, but don’t fret–it’s really not bad at all, trust me.

I think I’m gonna start living by PLUR…it just makes so much, so much sense.

On a more random note, I figured out that I was doing this helicopter move (freehanding) wrong and that’s why it was so choppy.  So now I fixed it and hopefully now I can smooth it out.
though…I try not to talk about glowsticking so much.  it’s not something that should be shared with just anyone.

also, on a much more interesting note (though I’m still going to try and keep this from turning into a “here’s what I did today” post, because that’s only slightly better than “villan of the week” shows)…today me and people went to “amc vallco” and while I was there I bought more of that American Girl Juicy Apple Shampoo+Conditioner that smells soooooo good (haven’t had any for the longest time!) and a Hello Kitty wallet!  fweeeeee…~

and…hehehe my hair is growing longer….hehehe yayyyyyy!!!

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