@ CareyGLY: don’t worry, i’m not in trouble.  I never am!  Most of the things you’re telling me are things that i’ve thought about, actually.  In fact I just told someone something a bit similar.
Now I don’t know if I can say i love myself completely…but man, it’s the best thing in the world, being me.  it’s so fun!


in other news…
I wrote out this little percussion cadence groove thing during 2nd and 3rd block yesterday.  It’s pretty damn sweet…
(now i just gotta learn to play it clean)

i guess i could theoretically write out a tenor and bass part to it too.  but i don’t know if that would be cool–i dont play either of those.  plus, would i really get an entire line to play it?  ehhh…no.  i could totally jam on it with someone on snare tho.


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  1. CareyGLY

    Now that’s the spirit! One thing I find interesting about these public blogs that anyone can read, is that the readers (unless they know you personally) only have an insight to you through your words. Words alone do not paint the whole picture, and oftentimes people use words to convey deep emotion. All we can do as “observers” is offer our somewhat weak observations! Have a great weekend! –Carey

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