I hate people.  I can’t stress that enough!

There’s this girl in my math1C class at foothill that has really pretty hair.  This is almost exactly the same thing that happened to me over the summer with my math1D class, except this time she’s not sitting right in front of me (thank god)…although, I have to admit, she’s pretty cute.
*sigh* trichophilia really is a curse.  a drug of sorts in that it’s addictive, but i doubt that it ever goes away, because believe it or not, I have actually gone for some (relatively) long periods of time without
doing any of that, and it’s never gone away.  it all started with kat and fiona…*shakes fist*
though i’m not too sure–I might have developed it anyways even if not for those two.

I’ve learned the basics of how to use Reason, just need to learn how to -really- use it now.


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