Monthly Archives: August 2006

it -totally- feels like a friday night right now.

I got my fragrance spray back!!!! <3

wow, i totally love it.  3 hours of sleep total in the day and i got through rehearsal just fine!  i’m not going to try and do it again tonight, tho.  Actually i wasn’t trying to do it last night either.  hmmmmm..

–nice K is almost as scary as mean crazy K!  almost.  not quite.  not that i’m complaining at all.  it’s just…=weird=.  woogity.

–Mr Magee assigned seats and now I dont get to sit behind susan!!!  nooooooooooooooooooo…
what’s a poor trichophile to do??

–my packages from arrived in the mail *evil grin*

–got this in email–funny stuff:

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