I’m off to DM camp.  so in the four days that I’m gone…

The post-it challenge.

View 1

View 2

-tell your friends! (cash prize available!***)
-attempt to guess how many post-it notes are on my wall (the entirety of the post-it note grid and chain are shown in the pictures).
-post your guess as a comment…
-this includes all the post it notes.  meaning all the ones on the really big chain + all the scattered ones.
-i’m not doing anything to stop you from enlarging the picture and trying to do it that way…buttt…that sorta takes the fun out of it.  not to mention the pictures aren’t =that= high quality.
-i’d give you the size of each post-it, but you can just tell that from the scattered ones.  they’re all the same size.
-the chain isn’t exactly end-to-end–there’s a good deal of overlap.
-deadline for entries is…whenever i get back.  or whenever enough people enter.
-winner is whoever guesses closest to the actual amount (i’ll count em twice)
-winner gets…an imaginary cookie, and 1/10th of a cent* for each post-it that’s actually on there.**
*subject to income tax **restrictions apply

Let the contest begin!

6 thoughts on “

  1. phirepyro

    1145 GOD DAMN YOU… what a waste of my frikin time.And no, I didn’t count all of them. Just the 500 and used them to calulate average line density… least I didn’t write the pixel recko software I was talking about, although I could have totally done it!Kenneth

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