i had a camera.  so i took some pictures.  (click to enlarge)
most of the later ones were only possible with the timer function on the camera.

my conditioner.  it smells soooooo good.  i think next time i’ll try herbal essences tho.

my room.  updated.  whooooooo….

somehow the floor of any room where i work always deteriorates into this condition.

my main puzzles–4x4x4, cubie, that shiny cube, simple and clean v2, and one of my magics.

====then I went outside!!!

yes, my lawn is still yellow, even at 4 in the morning.

me sitting in the middle of the street.

(im on the left there) This is what I do very, =very= occasionally during bouts of insomnia (no joke).


aaaand xanga just ran out of room so i’m switching to imageshack.

the obligatory pose…

the pic where i’m actually holding the camera…


this bookshelf is cool if only for the fact that it juust manages to fit all of the applegate books i have.

the nail polish really shines here (pardon the pun)
i love this thing!


3 thoughts on “

  1. Anonymous

    dude…I found your shampoo stuff.  I don’t know if my parents like took it out of the car or what.  I don’t know if they’ll do it again.  I have to get it to you sometime! When I actually have the car -_-

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