So do you want the good news?  or the bad news?  I’m gonna start with the good news post first…

-today was crazy hair day.  check it out.
there’s pins, hair tie thingys, and pens in my hair.  oh and a
bottle neck ring as well.  and two rubber bands, i believe.

this one’s cool.



from the back

and from the side…wtf do i look retarded in this pic?

aand from the other side…see i dont look retarded here…lol there’s
a valentine’s day thing on the mirror…funny, we have valentine’s day
stuff still up, and christmas lights still up…hmmmm…

mirrors galore…lol the letters on the mirror used to say MITS QUERROV AT but now it says VOMIT QUARTERS….go figure…



so that was pretty sweet.  im thinking maybe gender change day on friday might be cooler, but then again maybe not.

two more pictures.  this is my bedroom wall, as of today.

i rock, and nothing can change that.

…well, maybe not nothing…


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