but first, a totally and completely random note:
I found a fly in my calc book…yeah i guess i closed it one time
and…it….got in there….ewwwwwwwwwwwww…..so my mom got it wiped
off.  *shudder*…it was gross.
anyways…back to “ahhhhhh!!!!”

oh my god…

So yesterday during the money match with Mike at Cari’s (i won my 2
cents, btw…it was lots of fun, we had lotsa friendlies after), my
eyes at one or two points teared up…but nothing was wrong, it was
just one of those random times when my eyes tear up and they get a
little irritated…(this is different from when i’m really tired and
yawning and my eyes will tear…which is somewhat interesting because
the tears rolling down my cheek and the wetness will bother me, so a
lot of the time, i’ll wipe them off…but then sometimes i’m so tired i
don’t even bother to do that…)…so that was ok…

but this time i was eating dinner…and i dont know…it must have been
the combination of the pain…pain from canker sores…and braces…and
this thing on my tongue…and this other thing on my gum…together
with a headache…and i hit my foot on the table…and my mom was there
and that didn’t help things at all…first she said something about her
being sorry…but then later she said something about me being a
failure…(not for the first time)…
…and…i dont know…but my eyes started to get watery…and it was
the first time in a very long while that i’ve actually come close to
actually, really crying….and it’s so stupid, because it’s not even
over someone breaking my heart or something emotional like that,
but…i was just sitting there…and I was starving…and I knew I had
to eat…eating would mean pain…but i still had to eat…
…and then the thought crossed my mind that maybe i’d rather just
starve than have to eat…and of course right away i said to myself
that’s silly, it’s not that bad, but the fact that it still entered my
mind was depressing…

…but i guess somehow i managed to get through it, and then i got
upstairs and brushed away all the crap stuck in my teeth (i can’t even
use my tongue to clean my teeth anymore)…i’m not gonna use another
one of my canker sore swab things because i’m not planning on eating
anything for the rest of the night…i’ve only got 5 of those left and
i need to save them…i dont think my mom will buy anymore because she
said they were really expensive (she didn’t know there were only 8
swabs and you only use each once)…


i’m like -this- close to just walking in there tomorrow morning and telling them to just take the braces off, aligned or not.
…except they don’t work tomorrow.
…coincidence?  i think NOT!  *shakes fist*



One thought on “

  1. MeSoSpEciALz

    Aw, feel better Timmy. :( Canker sores are a pain, I know how it feels. Usually you just have to let them pass by themselves. If your braces are scratching against them and stuff just put wax on your braces. It usually helps for me! Again, feel better! ^_^

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