Wow!  ok this is so weird….

so i was planning to do this post, you know…saturday night after
dinner?  and i decided to take a nap at around 7:00-ish…maybe a
little earlier…and well…i ended up staying asleep
until…now….and it’s 2:00 AM, sunday morning now.  yikes! O_o
well i guess more sleep is always good…i’ll get lotsa sleep like i
did that one time when i got 14 hours of sleep….(hey, maybe i’ll even
get 76 hours of sleep!!!….haha jk…)

but i do want to at least make this post before i go back to bed.  so.

So basically all i did was…get up, go to my piano lesson, and the
rest of the day was watching a few episodes of Naruto (yes, a FEW =p),
and playing some Warcraft 3, finished the Physics hw (although it was
really, really easy…well unless you wanted to do extra work and
-hope- to get extra credit…which i guess i’m not…), did an entry on
the mousetrap thingy journal, and….well actually that’s about as far
as I got before i went to my nap.  and I ended up skipping dinner
altogether, cuz I slept through it!  ^_^;

omg, Friday was sooooo awesome!
first, was school….which was pretty neat too because it was a mini day!  and i brought my
pink hello kitty pillow (yay!!! ^_^) and then i used it in
…and then fourth was cool too, guess me an david are ready for the concert…

And then of course, at about 1:30, I went to Parisha’s house for her birthday party! =D
Yeah…it was definitely a lot of fun…hanging out with
friends…talking…finally getting to -finish- watching the
Incredibles…hearing the spoons story…and oh yes, Kellen with his
“prank call”, haha….that was funny…
and no, i didn’t just hang out in a corner all the time solving my Rubik’s Cube…^_^;
And we went to have dinenr at BJ’s, which was also awesome…I think I ate just the right amount =)
and get this….my mom let me go to dinner!  and….she let Kellen
drive me!  wow…that’s like unheard of…really….
and then when we got back it was what…12:00?  or something…and
I ended up staying there past 2:00 AM cuz we watched Phantom of the
Opera, which was pretty good, i guess, except too long and drawn
out…or maybe that was just my opinion at the time because we were all
Not to mention that before she left, Fiona commented that she has stuff to tell me about things…which is exciting! =D

That was the most fun i’ve had in a long time…thanks sooo much Parisha!  and happy birthday again!!!


well i dont really know what im gonna do NOW….yeesh, my sleeping
schedule…plus my eating schedule…are both really messed up. 
cant even tell if i’m hungry or not, and i need to get up at 8:00 AM to
get ready to go to the hospital…that’s in less than 6


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