Monthly Archives: April 2005

<(-^-^-)> *jumps up and down* <(-^-^)>

well, ok, i admit, i am being vague here, but a lot of you can probably guess what i did.

well, except for the one person who’s on my awesome list who probably
doesn’t know.  actually, there’s two people on it who don’t know,
but one of them’s cube girl, soo….nvm that.


funny how my mom forgets the important things…

but anyhow…it doesn’t matter.  i am now destressified.  ha!

this is interesting…well after track practice, i came home, ate
something, and uh…took a shower.  and then at around 7:30 or so
(i think), I promptly got into bed and fell asleep.  I wasn’t
planning to sleep that long…maybe until 9:30…I needed the computer
to do hw, but my brother was using it, so I decided taking a nap
couldn’t hurt.  I ended up getting up at 12:30, and only because
my mom came home and woke me up.  lol.  wonder when I would
have gotten up if she hadn’t…=p

so….i ended up starting hw past 12:30.  haha…..and now it’s
1:45…i dont know if i’m extremely tired or not…actually i guess i
still feel sleepy.  i was planning to practice today
too…..*sigh* ooohhh well.

Oh yeah, and it’s not like I can call now either.  lol.  i should, tho.


today’s song: Haruka Kanata
location on shuffled playlist: 9




thanks to Jessica and ppl!  for the donuts…haha…XD you guys are awesome…

oh yes, and thanks to Christen for the cd.  whee!!! (“Lonely Rolling Star” rocks.)

which reminds me…i still gotta bug my parents to get me one of those do it yourself cubes…they’re supposed to be really good…although, i still have Cubie, so I guess I’m actually fine.  hehe =)




i saw her. <(-^_^-)>


yesterday (sunday) was ok, as far as i can remember.  well maybe a
little less than ok, but still not too bad.  there was working at the
hospital…which…well i was tired, but I managed to do computer
science stuff, so w00t! (hey, i’m actually feeling a little confident
now about the ap test.  suckers…)

and then the math thing at stanford w/my bro (hehe i get to be driven
by my bro.  nice.)….except cube girl wasn’t there!  ahhhhhh! T_T

….oh well……*grumble grumble*.

and then more lem stuff, i guess, and then going to bed…uh…later than i should have.

sooo… i was hecka tired.  actually, i managed to get through
1st block ok.  while everyone was “working” on their project, i was
studying for the ap test.  lol.  the teacher knew, too.  well, hey,
it’s better than cubing, right?  and it’s not like i could help my
group…besides I’m already doing my part at home!
lol, and we just got assigned a “term paper”.  welll…..wonder
how many people in the class are actually gonna do it….hehe.

then physics was….uh…..well hella boring.  we watched a video on
stephen hawking for like the entire time.  jeez…..well, at least we
dont have anymore hw for today.  (yes!)

and then fourth was…well…fourth.  lol.  iono…

oh yeah, I didn’t get to see her. =_=

will i call?  uh.  iono maybe i’m too wasted right now for that.

speaking of being tired, yeah, after school i got home, ate something
(NOT rice ^_^;), and then promptly fell asleep in my bed, shielding my
eyes with my arm because i was too tired to get up and close the
curtains. =p

…but then i had to get up after like…half an hour for my piano lesson.  nooooo…….x_x

*sigh*.  well whatever.

…oh….right….i’ve still got a flute lesson today.  argh! 
well….good thing i did a lot of the lem stuff during class. 

….egh, i’m still tired.

oh, oh… average!!!!
20.10 seconds.   aaahhhhhh soooo close to sub-20….

well, i’ll get there.  soon, hopefully.  =)

ok, I admit, -maybe- my hair’s a =little= long in the front.  maybe.  but I love being able to toss my hair around!
(big number 4 alert…) oh, and how awesome would it be to be able to
brush my hair?  come on….you know y–…er….you know i want
to…ehh…..scratch that.

uhhhh more cool stuff (this is saturday night):

brief summary, cuz it’s late.

-bamm (math thing) was alright i guess…nothing really special…jennifer where were you??? =/
oh yeah, and the car rides to/from was cool.  cubing on the way there, ipod+hello kitty pillow on the way back. ^_^

-umm…..oh yeah, watching kick-ass kung fu movie with my bro and
mom.  haha.  nice…wushu has always been hella awesome.

uhhhhh actually that’s mostly it.

oh yeah, warcraft iii.  heh.  getting better, but i’d
probably still get pwned by heck, anyone.  well actually, maybe a
few of the people at red’s party i might be able to pwn, judging from
how fast -they- got owned.  hehe.

gtg.  laters.


it’s been 200 days since I received Cubie (thanks to Kathleen! ^_^)

I’ve done 4896 solves, as of now, so that’s 24.48 solves per day on average.

Also, I relubed Cubie…wow.  Even =unlubed=, Cubie felt really smooth…now that it’s lubed…well…..^_^;

although…i still need to work on my consistency…I keep on getting
~25 secs…nowhere near where I should be.  I think I’m rushing
too much.

On another note, the LEM works!  whoo….now i just gotta
finalize.  oh yeah, and do the journal/drawings.  *shrug*

aaaand computer science ap test.

oh, and there’s a math competition tomorrow.  I’m planning to
bring my indifference attidute because this one doesn’t mean much at
all to me.  =p

Sunday…is the same as last sunday, hospital, then going to Stanford
for the math practice.  only we wont have the retarded section of
the math practice because that was to prepare for the competition which
is tomorrow.  soo….i think sunday will shape up to be 1/3 cubing
at the hospital, 1/3 math, and 1/3 uh…seeing cube girl?  haha…

surprising that i haven’t called again.  I guess i should be proud?