first, vagueness.
…you’re wrong.

next, cmea.
uhm…cool!  lol….ok it wasn’t fantastic…but we did what we
were supposed to, and did…pretty darn good as far as I’m
concerned.  Yeah, ok, i myself did crappy…*sigh*, and
sightreading, well, poo.  but still…whatever.  we
rock.  period.

then, new phone!
(uh oh…i have a phone…=p)
yay!…now maybe i can actually talk to ppl like…more often….lol.
plus, get this…I think I figured how to get it to stop beeping! (it used to beep, even in silent mode O_o)

uhhh….later, ppl.  got stuff to do….well maybe not.  eh, we’ll see.


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